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The Package

The Safari Golfer's all-inclusive package offers a comprehensive and immersive experience for clients. By curating a package that includes golf, accommodation, helicopter flights, private air travel within South Africa, hand-selected restaurants and activities, The Safari Golfer ensures that every aspect of the trip is taken care of, providing a seamless experience.

Helicopter flights and private transport and air travel within South Africa add a touch of luxury and convenience to the package. Clients can enjoy scenic flights, witness stunning aerial views of South Africa's diverse landscapes, and travel between destinations with ease and comfort. This allows for efficient and hassle-free transportation, saving valuable time and providing an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the country from a unique perspective.

The Safari Golfer package is tailored to a maximum of 8 people per trip and ensures a high level of attention to detail that creates a more personalized experience for each guest. By keeping the group size small, the Safari Golfer can provide dedicated service and cater to individual preferences, ensuring that every aspect of the trip is carefully monitored and tailored to the group's needs. With an all-inclusive package, The Safari Golfer takes care of all the details, allowing clients to relax and fully enjoy their trip whilst creating lifelong memories.