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Giving Back

The Safari Golfer believes that by incorporating opportunities to give back to communities and support conservation efforts during your trip in South Africa it can enhance the overall experience and leave a positive impact. When traveling with The Safari Golfer you are directly contributing to the company's partners.

Striving to ensure the continued survival of leopards, their prey & their habitat

The Cape Leopard Trust (CLT) is an environmental NGO and non-profit, founded in 2004 and based in the Western Cape, South Africa. They facilitate and promote the conservation of biological diversity, with a focus on the leopard as a flagship species. The CLT’s purpose and vision is to ensure the continued survival of leopards for the benefit of nature and society, by supporting the protection of leopard habitat and prey species, promoting peaceful coexistence between leopards and people, and fostering community custodianship of the Cape’s unique biodiversity.

100% of your donations provide hot nutritionally fortified meals to 48,000 school children in need.

In 2021 Lunchbox Fund extended our preschool reach to encompass toy libraries, mobile ECD centres, come-and-play buses, and home-based ECD programs. Our meals are supporting quality education for children in the most rural, under-resourced areas.