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Golf Courses

The strategic locations and inspiring settings of the golf courses selected by The Safari Golfer truly enhance the golfing experience in South Africa. With mesmerizing views of the ocean, mountains and African bushveld, golfers are treated to breath-taking scenery while enjoying their rounds.

The fact that all the courses, except for Royal Cape, are ranked inside the top 20 golf courses in South Africa speaks to the exceptional quality and reputation of these courses. Being ranked among the top courses in the country is a testament to their design, playability, and overall golfing experience they offer.

From the natural beauty that surrounds each course to the expertly designed layouts, golfers can expect a memorable and enjoyable golfing journey in some of the country's most iconic settings.

Legendary Designs 

The involvement of renowned legends such as Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and Peter Matkovich in the design of these courses further adds to their prestige. These legendary designers have left their mark on the golfing world with their expertise and vision, creating courses that challenge and inspire golfers of all levels.